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Q & A: Fela Dales Finds Beauty On Both Sides Of The Camera

October 28, 2014


Fela Dales, Founder of Fela Photography, is using her craft to enhance women’s sense of beauty and self-worth. She is published locally with online magazines such as Calgary Fashion and Fashionsign as well as internationally with the likes of Argentina’s ONMAG, U.K.’s Unfolded Magazine and America’s Papercut Magazine....


January, 2015


Special Episode were host, Nash Chaparro shares with you her experience with a Reveal Your True Beauty Session.

Fela Photography, speaker for YWOP Girls Conference Calgary

April 17-18 2015


A New Look. A New Force: Women in Media 

Together we will…

Redefine Beauty

  • Fashion Workshop – that teaches young women how to dress for the body type and celebrate it!

  • Inner Beauty Workshop

  • Make Up & Skin Care

  • Hair Care

Apply Wisdom

  • Girls will be equipped to teach others how to treat them, making their schools and community a safe place from sexual harassment. Making Females your ally instead of your enemy.

Inspire Powerful Change...

Sustainable Style YYC

April 15 2015


Ever wondered, “Who made my clothes?”

Our clothes affect many people and places during their production and they affect us too. They reflect who we are on the inside as well as how we appear on the outside.

Sustainable Style YYC is a fun and interactive event where you will meet local designers and learn about their sources of inspiration, their manufacturing and design, and their commitment to ethical fashion. This event is for anyone looking to build a healthier relationship with their clothing and the way they perceive themselves when they wear it. 


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