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"Most people dislike getting photos of themselves and would find it hard to get excited about a photoshoot. 

But then came along Fela of Fela Photography. Working with Fela from start to finish was something of a different experience that every person should be lucky enough to partake in. There wasn't any pressure to look a certain way or need to be camera shy simply because Fela can put anyone at ease. 

As people we often spend all our time putting our energy into our families or spend too much time working -that we don't get the opportunity to spend a selfless hour on ourselves to create a beautiful product. 

The photos of myself are a reminder of how beautiful I think I am but forget quickly. 

They are a reminder of what other people see everyday, but I don't. 


I hope everyone can take the time to invest in an experience of such as this. Because then you too will be reminded of how truly amazing you always where". 

- Katie

Calgary Beauty and Headshot Photographer

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"Fela, your photos are amazing. I have never thought of myself as photogenic, but you somehow achieved that.

Chantal, thank you for providing Calgary with such a unique clothing store, with wonderful, personal service. I so appreciate the fact that you coordinated this event, and that you bring great Canadian designers to this city. 


My thanks to all of you. I will always treasure the memory of the Reveal Event."

- Rosemary

"I was so happy with the photos I started writing a thank you note on Friday, currently at 4 pages. I need to edit and will send this week.  I am overwhelmed with so many good feelings after the reveal.  So many great comments from family and friends too".

- Kimberly

"I had the pleasure to win a mother-daughter session with Fela Photography. There are no words to describe the talent of this lady. Her creativity amazes me! The colors she chooses, the contrasts she uses, the quality of her equipment, the background, the poses she thinks of...everything is beautiful. But her kindness makes her completely unique as well. We feel completely at easy with Fela! We feel like we can be superhero or model of a day, as she has such an angelic personality. Thanks Fela for the wonderful pictures Emma and I will keep and cherish forever".

- Janie

"I had the very special honour of working with Fela Photography for a "makeover" session. Greeted by Fela in a lovely, fun, supportive atmosphere at Bombay Beauty Loft I had my make up done for the first time in 15 years, by amazing Kada, slipped on my gorgeous Cherry Chic Design dress from Valrie, then Fela worked her magic. She made me feel instantly sparkly and beautiful. Fela has this spirit of mischief coupled with sincere delight and passion for her craft. She worked to help me with poses and bring out my best, and it was so much fun. We laughed during the whole session and it comes through on the photos. When it came time for the "reveal" I was taken back by how beautifully they turned out and the quality of what Fela created. I am so sincerely grateful to have had this opportunity and I would highly recommend not only Fela, but also experiencing a Reveal Your True Beauty session. It was a blast!".

- Marnie

"Fela captured the real me in her photos. She helped me to show different facial expressions and in so doing was able to make the photos much more interesting. I have never been comfortable as the subject and she helped me have fun and enjoy the experience. Thanks so much Fela!"

- Marlene

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