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We have a "get pampered" approach, which means you practically have to sit down and enjoy the adventure. The Reveal Your True Beauty Session can be done on your own or as a group with your friends (a total max. of 5). Here's how it works in 4 easy steps:

Calgary Beauty and Headshot Photographer

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calgary photographer, beauty photographer calgary

How can we bring your true beauty out? By getting to know You, of course! It's the key to having the best experience. Just fill this form (no need to print) and send it to us along with a selfie.


This is also a good time to start getting ready for your session.

On the day of your session, Kada Issa from Bombay Beauty Loft will style your hair and apply makeup that will enhance the beauty you already have. You might feel is a bit heavier than you're used to but you'll be suprised at how much of it gets washed off on the photos (that's why we have a Professional with us; she knows what she's doing). This willl take an hour.


Our advice: Make plans for after your session. You will be looking so amazing you'll have to take advantage of it!

It's go time! The session will take one hour. Fela Dales from Fela Photography will go at your own pace. She WILL make you laugh -it's bond to happen (her excited jump it's her best weapon; known as "the Fela moment". You've been warned). No modelling experience necessary, Fela will guide you through it all; you'll feel at ease in her care!

Around 2 weeks later the wait is over (sometimes even sooner!). You'll meet again with Fela who will show you (and to the people you want to bring) the final photos. A series of photos that will reveal to you how beautiful you REALLY are. Now all is left to do is embrace it.

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