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Fela Dales

Calgary's Beauty and Headshot photographer, Fela Photography discovers and reveals your true beauty, one photo at a time.

The style of Fela Photography is bright, feminine, colourful and fresh.

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"I recommend Fela as a creative and innovator photographer, she has great management concept skills, a great knowledge on light management and a unique, glamorous and sophisticated photography style".



"At the time I didnt have a man when you took my photos. Now that I have one and he has seen it, he loves them. As he puts it, it was tastefully done and is a great representation of me.
Thank you for giving me the confidence I needed and God bless!"
- Roselle (CLIENT)


"My "Model experience" with Fela Dales is unforgettable.  Fela is a very dedicated and imaginative photographer. She took the time to really capture "me" with the camera.  She was really patient and detail oriented.  I was also really impressed of how the whole experience was very personal, the ladies really put in a lot of work and effort to make me feel beautiful". 
- Izabela (CLIENT)


"Fela is a superb professional with excellent skills and I hope to work with her many more times in the future. She is very talented and has huge creative abilities along with a personable nature that makes her so easy to work with. She made all the women feel like Divas and the results were better than any of us dreamed of!"
- Cynthia (CLIENT)

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"There is empowerment in discovering and revealing your inner beauty, no matter weight or age; we ARE beautiful!


I want to help you find that, not only built your self esteem but most importantly, your self worth. Through a reveal date after your session I will prove to you that you are absolutely gorgeous, inside and outside!"

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